First traces on Paper

First traces on paper...

June in the stream

Well, hello everyone, today I wanted to share with you our dear June’s early stages.

Once upon a time there was June...

It all began with this little silhouette. A child, fragile but brave, shy but curious, distracted but agile. The truth is, I don’t know where she came from, but all I know is that I wanted to create an inspiring heroin, who would speak to the child within us and spark a sense of curiosity.  June loves the unknown, sleeves rolled up, octopus best friend in hand, she is ready for the adventure. 

June and octopus

I am a huge fan of Chinese opera characters and their costumes. I spend a lot of time going through drawings of them. These are a few references that inspired me to think about June’s accessories. I was really intrigued by the coloured orbs around the characters’ faces. I like to imagine that they are precious memories or attributes that people keep close to them. 

I thought it would be cool if June had special powers, so I came up with the idea of power holders. These could have been given to her by a chinese opera character or an almighty guardian.  Her octopus sidekick would act both as a backpack and as the trusted keeper of these  special orbs. 

In the early stages, I thought June could have white hair and a red outfit with yellow and green highlights, with pom-pom boots to echo the orbs.

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