Outfit and hairstyle

Take a walk on the wild side

June has a rather non-chalant walk, bringing out her childish easy going attitude.

Hello everyone, it’s me again, and today I wanted to share with you the iterative process behind June’s current look. June is from Cyberspace so she could technically be from any undefined species.  By giving her a human figure I thought she would be more relatable. Our first edition is inspired by Chinese contemporary art which oriented my research towards Asian folklore. Drawing doesn’t always take you where you set out to go, and I ended up exploring more diverse avenues, actively trying to avoid cultural stereotypes by dressing her too obviously from one or the other side of the planet. 

Which of these outfit do you think inspired June’s current look ?

Neutral, Cino-futurist,Poly-cultural… you name it

From traditional Chinese school girl uniform to illustrations to Shanghai streetwear fashion, I looked for silhouettes that were not overly sophisticated. Characters like Chihiro in Spirited Away or Six in the video game Little Nightmares, were inspirational for their distinctive childlike but adventurous attitudes.

Hairstyle is a contentious topic when it comes to sexualising the feminine body. Hair plays an important role in characterizing identity: its colour,  length, texture and style all carry different social meanings and symbol in both a person’s personal evolution and in the way they are perceived by others. 

June’s hairstyle went through several iterations, from anti-gravity bouclettes, triple couettes hairstyles to more traditional headpiece revisited. Her final look is a mix between the good old ponytail with a clin d’oeil to the samurai top-knot, which was a tie only allowed to be worn by men of a certain status. More about the design of her headpiece in a later post… Stay tuned!

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