Why June ?

Why June?

June is a metaphor for the collective identity of a cybernetic culture. She is a child of cyberspace, an entity that exists only in the digital realm. June came into existence by her own free will, she was curious to see and to understand cyberspace.  The story is designed to take the player through a journey of self discovery.

The level progression and story arc make the audience go through multiple emotional states. These states represent the natural path that the ego evolves as it is confronted by life’s challenges.  Starting from the blissful ignorance of childhood we become euphoric with optimism in our teens. Later as we reach maturity and we discover our self-image we become obsessed with it. But it is only for a moment, then it’s forgotten when the real weight of existentialism hits us and we become afraid of it. If we are lucky and we are not too screwed up by life, we finish off as with a slight scent of idealism still lingering on us.

This was a difficult challenge, to identify what are the best ways to diffuse those concepts in the gameplay. We more or less identified 4 systems that could help us translate these information back to the player:

  • Character look and game mechanics. 
  • Level design 
  • Puzzle system 
  • NPC  behavior patterns.

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