June : Tales from Cyberspace

This is the Devlog of June. We’ll share here the evolution of the game, from the concept art to full gameplay sequence.

Why June ?

June is a metaphor for the collective identity of a cybernetic culture. She is a child of cyberspace, an entity that exists only in the digital realm. June came into...

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What do I mean by Cyberspace ?

Cyberspace is a mythical land, the same as mount Olimpus or the celestian planes in Confucianism. It is a place where our modern Gods live, a place where we get...

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Outfit and hairstyle

June is from Cyberspace so she could technically be from any undefined species.  By giving her a human figure I thought she would be more relatable. Our first edition is...

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First traces on Paper

It all began with this little silhouette. A child, fragile but brave, shy but curious, distracted but agile. The truth is, I don’t know where she came from, but all...

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