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June : Tales from Cyberspace is a modern fable told in the form of an adventure puzzle-platformer game. Explore surreal landscapes and help June solve intricate puzzles in order to bring a lost world back to life. 

The game centers around June, the first child of cyberspace, a non-binary entity that was born in the nebulas of the metaverse. As June, you will discover her origins and in the process, shape her perception of the world.

From the character to the game mechanics, everything is designed to create an immersive adventure in an exciting and stimulating metaverse that brings wonder to the players. 

Art and Games

June: Tales from Cyberspace is an artistic experience that merges together the world of gaming and fine arts. To create this versatility we combine elements of traditional video gaming such as platforming, puzzles, and stealth, together with real-world artworks from contemporary artists of DSLcollection.

Throughout its various biomes of Cyberspace, a collection of artworks are placed in the environment, taking the form of easter-eggs. They are used as conceptual keys that give the player a deeper layer of understanding of the character and storyline.

Plot Line

The story of June is that of all of us. It talks about how the desire to belong, pushes us to search for acceptance in a world that is strange to us. As the first non-binary child of the Metaverse, June is born into a metaverse that was long ago created by humans but is now inhabited by semi-autonomous creatures. As she travels through each biome, she looks for signs that can help her slowly unravel the mystery of her origins.

During her adventures, she will encounter different micro-civilizations, each with their own unique ideology and social structures. Some will teach June while others will hunt her down. 

It is a caricature of our modern times, inspired by that dreaded existential question that we all aspire to respond to: “What is my place?”

About Children of Cyberspace

Children of Cyberspace(CoC) is an experimental laboratory created by In-Dialog collective. They are artists, architects, musicians and programmers, united by a common pleasure of creating unique digital experiences.

Their romantic view of technology is an echo of the digital utopists of the past. Children of Cyberspace’s process combines an acute approach to virtual spatial design with contemporary theories of user perception and a unique word-building scenario.

The founders of Children of Cyberspace are Calin Segal, Tiffany Attali, Eleonore Audi and Codin Segal.


June is a passion project created by Children of Cyberspace and co-produced in collaboration with DSLcollection.


Calin Segal : Project lead & game designer
Tiffany Attali : Producer & graphic designer
Eleonore Audi :  Concept artist
Codin Segal :  Junior developer
Alexis Lacroisade : Junior developer
Jorge Juan B. Wieneke : Sound director
Dominique et Sylvain Levy : Co-producers

With contributions from

Edwin Cossec : narrative & storytelling
Panagiotis Tzannetakis : environment concept art

Visual content

Key Art


Behind the scene

GamePlay clip


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