June : Tales from Cyberspace

Children of Cyberspace(CoC) is an experimental laboratory created by In-Dialog collective. They are artists, architects, musicians and programmers, united by a common pleasure of creating unique digital experiences.

Their romantic view of technology is an echo of the digital utopists of the past. Children of Cyberspace’s process combines an acute approach to virtual spatial design with contemporary theories of user perception and a unique word-building scenario.

The founders of Children of Cyberspace are Calin Segal, Tiffany Attali, Eleonore Audi and Codin Segal.

The dslcollection is an important collection of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Sylvain and Dominique Levy in 2005, the dslcollection encourages the discovery and study of contemporary Chinese art. It uses innovative technologies to promote greater visibility and provide the means to share the experience of contemporary culture. Openness, nomadism and sharing are fundamental concepts of the dslcollection. 

Born into a screen-based world, today’s new generation moves in and out of the physical and virtual world at ease, believing that each world is “real” to them. Since 2005, they went from a website to a 2D and 3D museum, created in 2012 a museum in Second Life and now in virtual reality.

June is a passion project created by Children of Cyberspace in collaboration with DSLcollection.

We all come from different backgrounds such as digital and contemporary art, architecture, programming, music or cinema.
What brings us together is our strong interest for storytelling and immersive experiences.

The team is international and works mainly remotely from France, Romania, Switzerland and Philippines.

Calin Segal

Game designer

Calin Segal is a multi-disciplinary artist that loves to sculpt with algorithms. He’s unique approach of cybernetic surrealism attempted to link the subconscious imagination with the digital ego.

Tiffany Attali


Tiffany is a designer that craft links between the virtual with the physical world. She believes in the power of new technologies to convey emotional experiences with strong cultural meaning.

Eleonore Audi

Concept Artist

Eleonore is an immersive architect who believes imagination is the true virtue of mankind. Taking doodling seriously, she likes to bridge the sensory world with glimpses of shimmering virtual places.

Codin Segal

Junior developer

Codin is a digital craftsman and enthusiast gamer, with the ambition to change the classical outlook on games. His aspiration is to create transcendent experience through exciting gameplay and mesmerizing visual world.

Dominique and
Sylvain Levy


Dominique and Sylvain Levy are the founders of the dslcollection, a family collection of artworks and experiences. Its mission is to make known the strong and provocative ideas of Chinese contemporary artists. In an innovative approach of cultural entrepreneurship, it uses technologies as a tool for cultural dissemination.


Junior developer

Alexis is a programmer from coding school 42 in Paris. Enthusiastic about video game development, he is honing his skills on the Unity engine.


Sound designer

Jorge Juan B. Wieneke is an electronic music educator and producer from Metro Manila, Philippines who creates balanced soundscapes that fluctuate between our day’s chaos and the distant, hypnotic cries of nature; his work is a constant effort to unite the now with an imagined spiritual past.


Puzzle designer

Emircan is an Architecture student from Istanbul. He is interested in taking puzzles as an architectural design concept and is enthusiastic about finding new ways of understanding puzzles.

With precious contributions from


Concept artist:


Movie director & Storyteller

Support and collaborators