June : Tales from Cyberspace

June is a child of cyberspace, one of the first digital organisms to have evolved naturally in the Cloud. The story follows June as she embarks on a quest to discover cyberspace, and in the process finds out the reason for her existence.

During her travels, she encounters different micro-civilizations, each with their own unique ideology and social structures. Some will teach June while others will hunt her down. She does all of this in the hopes of finding her place amongst the stars.
June is a modern fable, presented in the form of a video game. It’s an emotional experience designed with a humanistic approach, that looks at the hero’s journey as an internal struggle between the individual and the collective.

It is a caricature of our modern times, inspired by that dreaded existential question that we all aspire to respond to: “What is my place?”
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Closed demo coming soon.

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